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Rural Alerts and Scams
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Burglary Overnight Woodplumpton 27/04/2017

Message From Christopher Banks 24/01/2017


Theft From Vehicle Sainsburys Longridge 03/03/2016

Burglary Alert 13/01/2016

Broughton Police Nhw Alert 13/01/2016


High Value Rural Burglary 18/12/2014

This is a crime that took place some distance away from some of you, but its worth knowing about, as there are clearly people out there targeting the rural areas. just over the border.

A high value burglary took place overnight of 14th December at a farm in a rural area of Lancaster bordering the Ribble Valley. The offenders have used cutting equipment to gain access to two metal storage shipping containers. Once inside the containers, eleven (11) KTM Enduro off road motor cycles and ancillary equipment  were stolen, with an approximate value one hundred thousand pounds (£ 100,000)
If you have any info re this crime please ring 101 and quote log number 1025 of 15/12/14, or alternatively ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting the above log reference.

Stolen Land Rover Defender 110 18/12/2014

This is just a bit off your area, but its worth knowing about if you have a Land Rover vehicle.

A Land Rover, Defender 110 XS in grey was stolen about 1.30am on 17/12/14 from a farm not far from the border with the Ribble Valley in the Cononley area North Yorkshire.
The Land Rover was taken without keys, as the owner still has both sets of keys.
If you have  a Land Rover please make sure its as secure as possible when not in use and if its alarmed make sure the alarm is working. Also consider fitting one of the many Tracker devices that are available on the market, which will help to locate the vehicle and the offenders should your Land Rover get stolen.

Suspicious Circumstances 12/09/2014

Report of a lock being broken off a diesel tank from premises in Inglewhite Road, Inglewhite.  Although nothing appears to have been stolen there is always a possibility of persons returning at a later date.  Please be aware of security and carry out regular checks, increasing security if possible and reporting any suspicious activity/persons.

Stolen Tractor

Circulated on behalf of the National Farmers Union

I would like to alert you of the following tractor (Massey Ferguon 7624, YX13 BVC, red, valued at £87,600) which was stolen on Sunday evening, from Driffield, East Yorkshire.   

Although it has probably been stolen to order (2 fields away from the road and out of sight) and likely to be en-route to the continent, it could still be in the country being “cloned”.  It could be parked in a redundant barn/building, woodland or even a field, please keep your eyes peeled.  In a recent case we found a tractor 10 days after it was stolen, fully cloned and ready for transport.

There are some interesting indicators to look for should you have any suspicions:

-          Disregard the registration number as it will almost certainly be on a cloned plate or no number plate displayed,

-          The offender/s have angle grinded off the tractor door lock in order to gain entry,

-          The tractor also had a red 1500kg weight block attached to the front with a ‘AGRIWELD’ sticker,

-          A squeaky dog mascot was attached to the block,

-          A ‘KENWOOD’ two-way radio was in the cab,

-          The headlining may be disturbed/pulled down if they have rooted around looking for a tracker.  

I would expect the weight block and radio to be missing, although they may not have bothered to renew the door handle.   

Should you have any information you feel may be relevant, please contact the below:

Stuart Greenhalgh
Watch Liaison Officer
Tel 01772-209731

Suspicious Vehicle

DX54 YLD gold coloured Isuzu Rodeo double cab 4x4 pickup. Vehicle is believed being used by a well-known family from the Burnley area who are known for committing rural crime & poaching.

If you see this vehicle in your area, please ring 101 with its location.

Break ins Grimsargh

It has come to our attention that over the weekend three crimes have occurred in Grimsargh where vehicles and houses that have been left unlocked have been entered and items have been taken.

I cannot stress enough YOU MUST LOCK YOUR DOORS, SHEDS AND VEHICLES as these crimes will continue to take place and criminals will see Grimsargh as an easy target and continue to target the area.

I have also been told by my supervision that if you are a victim of a crime and you have left items on show or your vehicles or houses unlocked then we will be contacting your insurance companies to inform them of this. This could mean that your insurance may not pay out.  

Please can you all pass this message on so we can stop giving criminals easy targets. If you see a crime taking place please do not hesitate ring 999 immediately, If you see anyone acting suspiciously again please don’t hesitate ring 101 immediately. We as the police would much rather discover that people are legitimate then turn up later on to find a crime has taken place and it has been witnessed by neighbours or passers-by who didn’t want to trouble us.  

Many thanks and if you need any crime prevention advice please contact us at Broughton station on the number below.

Supicious activity Grimsargh  24/06/2014

(Especially those in Grimsargh area) please keep an eye out for a white van make and model unknown who seems to be frequenting the area asking elderly people if they need any work doing on their gutters or roofs. Whoever this person is they then offer to take the person to the bank to withdraw money for them. If you see this vehicle please ring 101 immediately or if you have had a similar incident happen to you please drop me an email or ring me on the number below. At this moment we have no further details so if safe to do so please try and get a registration of the vehicle.

If you know anyone who is elderly and lives close by please keep an eye on them if you think that they are being subjected to a crime there and then please ring 999 immediately.

Stolen Quad from Ribble Valley 14/05/2014

At 12.40pm on Tuesday 13/5 a red Honda Fourtrax 420FMA quad was stolen from farm premises in the Newton area. The theft was witnessed by the owner from a distance to great to interfere. The quad was taken from the farm yard and ridden overland to the road. Two males involved, one riding and one on foot, rider a white male dressed in a grey track suit.
Please look out for a a white Mercedes Sprinter van, KT07 OPS, or similar. This vehicle was seen at the time of the offence parked in the vicinity and will almost certainly have been used as transport by the thieves.
Further identifying features of the quad are:-
'Paxtons' sticker on fuel tank.
Mud flaps at rear fitted with reflectors
Cable hanging out of rear of seat.
All suspicious activity should be reported on 101. Crimes in progress are always 999.

Diesel Theft 07/05/2014

Approximately 5000 ltrs of diesel stolen from a storage tank in the Whitewell area over a 2 week period. Any Info or suspicious sightings ring 101
Stolen Landrover 01/05/2014
Stolen from Halfpenny Lane, Longridge, between midnight and 6.30am, 1/5/14 a blue Land Rover Defender, reg P 168 BEC.  When stolen the vehicle was driven through a fence.  Any information please ring your local Police and quote log 153 of 1/5/14

Crimes for the area 23/04/2014

Please be aware of two crimes that have taken place over the last week

The first is the theft of a 5 tonne tipper that has been stolen from the Goosnargh area sometime between the 4th and the 18th of April

The second is the theft of 100 litres of fuel from a tractor in Woodplumton that has taken place over night between the 17th and 18th of April

Both crimes have taken place in areas that are slightly off main roads.

Telehone Scam 17/01/2014

A number of people in the UK have recently fallen victim to the latest telephone scam.

The scammers leave a polite voice message on your voicemail and ask you to call them back as soon as possible.

Some people have been told that a family member is ill, or died or been arrested to ensure they call back.

The number to call back is prefixed with 0809, 0284 or 0876.

These numbers are registered in the Dominican Republic and are charged at £1,500 per minute to you.

The charges afterwards  can become a real nightmare. That's because you actually DID make the call. If you complain, both your  local phone company and your long distance carrier  will not want to get involved and will most likely  tell you that they are simply providing the billing  for the foreign company. You'll end up dealing with a  foreign company that argues they have done nothing  wrong.

Please be careful.

Fuel theft 17/01/2014

1800 Litres of Red Diesel & 600 Litres of heating oil have been stolen from storage  tanks in a farm yard on the outskirts of Waddington.

The theft took place over a two week period.

Please make regular checks of your fuel storage tanks and consider purchasing a storage tank alarms.

Suspicious Vehicle Alert


AV04 VZL Grey Ford Focus
NL04 YJJ Silver Ford Mondeo
T156 BSK Silver Land Rover Discovery

These vehicles are used by a team from the West Yorkshire area. The team target rural areas to steal Land Rover Defenders.

If you see any of the vehicles, ring 101 immeditely with the location or direction of travel of the vehicle(s)


Two vehicles to watch out, being used by rural offenders

P320 LKK blue Daihatsu Fourtrak. This is a new vehicle for a known poacher and rural offender. His previous vehicle was another Daihatsu Fourtrak, which was taken off him when he was arrested in North Yorkshire late last year.

MF05 LOD black Audi A3. This vehicle is being used by well known rural offenders from the Burnley area. This vehicle has been seen out and about during the late afternoon and early evenings possibly looking for areas to target, to return under cover of darkness.

If either vehicle is seen in your area, please ring 101 with the location or direction of travel.


W868 XCP White Ford Focus car

MV51 XBB White Ford Transit Van.

Both Vehicles are used by two males from the West Yorkshire area, who are known to commit burglaries in rural areas. They are also known for the theft of Quad Bikes.

Both males recently arrested in connection with a burglary in the North Yorkshire area.

If you see either vehicle, please ring 101 with the location and direction of travel.



Please be aware of a red Volkswagen polo SK55UPV that has just been seen acting very suspiciously at an address on Whittingham lane in Goosnargh. The vehicle has when challenged mad off in the direction of Longridge.


S435 BBV blue Ford Transit van believed being used by two traveling criminals from the Burnley area during night time/early hours in the rural areas, in particular the Ribble Valley rural & rural Preston area.
If you see the van, please ring 101 with its location or direction of travel.

Stolen plant/machinery

Stolen overnight of Monday 25th November from Colne area, a yellow coloured Benford 171HE Roller Ser No SLP0000304BB065. Fleet No 2741 with Johnson Plant Hire Logo. Roller was sat on a purpose built trailer with fleet No 3304. Log ref 457 of 26/11/13 referes.

Suspicious Vehicle Alert

W reg dark red Peugeot 306 seen about 1.00pm today (Tues 25/11/13) in the Dinkley area. The car travelled down a private farm track into the farm yard. There were two males onboard the car with lurcher type dogs. Once the males realised they had been seen by the farm occupants, the car was driven off at speed, generally towards the Ribchester Road direction.

If you saw this car on your travels, please ring 101 and quote log ref LC-20131125-0602

YE54 ZTN beige Saab 9-3 saloon. This vehicle is being used by a well known male who likes stealing diesel/fuel in the rural areas. He has been spoken with and confirms he is using the car.

Please ring 101 if you see the vehicle, particularly at night time.

Stolen farm machinery 17-25/11/2013

FX04 ESU John Deere 513 5 Agricultural Tractor.

Kubota U48-4 5 Ton orange & black coloured Digger.

Redrock plant/dump twin axle red coloured agricultural trailer.

Above items were stolen between 17-25/11/13, from the farm yard to a farm in the Fence area. If you have any info regarding this crime, please ring 101 and quote log number; LC-20131126-0305

Low loader car trailer theft

A Low loader double axle, galvanised steel car trailer (6'x4') was stolen overnight of 28th October from paddock in the Bolton By Bowland area. The trailer was in the paddock with a wheel clamp secured to one of the wheels which was removed and discarded nearby. The trailer is a Brian James make and has plywood boarding across the middle of the trailer bed.

If you have any info re this matter please ring 101 and quote crime ref number EN1301487.

Quad Bike theft

A Honda Hydrostatic 500cc Quad bike was stolen in a burglary overnight of 23rd October (last night.) The offenders entered a barn on an isolated rural farm in the Longridge area and using bolt croppers or other cutting equipment removed a chain that was securing the Quad bike to a more solid secure piece of machinery. The Quad bike was then pushed a short distance presumably to a nearby waiting vehicle.

A van described as being white and similar to a Transit van was seen earlier during the day in the vicinity. On being seen the driver of the van turned his van around and left the area at speed.

Please be mindful of any suspicious vehicles in your area. Go with your gut feeling and ring the police if you suspect the occupant(s) may be up to no good.

Urgent Vehicle Crime Alert Goosnargh & Grimsargh 15-19/10/2013

Overnight there have been a number of Vehicles broken into in the Goosnargh Village area most have been left insecure and items have been taken from the vehicles. Areas targeted include Highgate,Churchgate and Whittingham Lane a garage was also broken into on Beacon Drive.

We are currently following up on a number of leads but would ask you all to be vigilant at this moment in time

Overnight there have been a number of Vehicles broken into in the Grimsargh Village area most have been left insecure and items have been taken from the vehicles including mobile phones, sat navs and wallets/purses.

We are currently following up on a number of leads but would ask you all to be vigilant at this moment in time, if you see anyone acting suspiciously around yours or your neighbours property don’t hesitate to ring 101 and please make sure that your property and your vehicles are locked whenever they are not in use.

Locking your vehicles/homes will deter the criminals targeting Grimsargh but also your insurance will not be valid if your vehicles, sheds, garages, caravans and homes are left insecure.

If you would like any security advice please don’t hesitate to contact me on the number below and please spread the word throughout Grimsargh to lock your property.
Dave Reid
Broughton Police Station 01772 863390

Burglary at Farm

A burglary took place between 9th & 12th October at an isolated farm in the Alston area near Longridge (Ribble Valley.)  A couple of padlocks were forced and a large quantity of diesel & a number of power tools were stolen.

Vehicle Alert 05/10/2013

Vehicles to watch out for in rural areas –

PF03 RSX Yellow Ford Transit Van

Y761 MDM green Ford Fiesta car                                                                                               

S931 AJW blue Peugeot 306 car

Vehicles are being used by a male from the Morecambe area. He is believed to be involved in the theft of Quad bikes, diesel fuel and scrap metal.

If you see these vehicles please ring 101 with as much information as possible.

Quads Stolen in Burglary 03/10/2013

A burglary took place at a remote farm in the Bolton By Bowland area recently.  The offenders forced their way into an outbuilding in the farm yard and stole the following property;

Red Honda Quad bike, model TRX. Red/Burgundy Sundiro 50cc childs Quad bike.  White Kolt 100cc childs Quad bike. Red & White coloured childrens crash helmet.  Black coloured childrens crash helmet. Socket set.

An attempt was also made to steal diesel from a storage tank in the farm yard.

The Quads were pushed through a field behind the farm, then through a further feild by the offenders pushing over a metal fence. the quads were then pushed across a lane into another field, where they appear to have been loaded onto a waiting vehicle.  

If you do have a quad please make sure relevant security measures are in place and if you are offered quad bikes or see anyone suspicious around your property please ring 101 with as much detail  about the person as possible.

A few more vehicles for you to keep an eye out for 27/09/2013

Please keep your eye out for these vehicles.  Also I have received a few emails lately on why the police do not contact the registered keepers of these vehicles .

The police are dealing with the vehicles we send out on a daily basis however when they are arrested they will continue to commit crime when they are released. That is why I circulate the vehicles so if they are seen in and around our area we can stop them as soon as possible before they commit a crime.

SK13AWY is the vrm of a white Ford Transit Flat back that is believed to be being used by a team targeting the rural areas. If you see it ring 101

X463HNA Silver Vauxhall Astra Estate with black roof bars seen in sus circs in Bolton by Bowland area 27/09. Vehicle linked to poaching.  If you see this vehicle please call 101.

A few more vehicles for you to keep an eye out for 13/09/2013

Y219 VEN Blue Audi A4 seen recently during the afternoon in a farm yard in the Bolton By Bowland area. The Audi was driven along a long farm track off the main road to get to the farm yard and when the three males onboard realised they had been seen by the farmer, the vehicle was driven away at speed.

Y429 KDK White Ford Fiesta Van was stopped by police during the early hours of 10th September in the Bolton By Bowland area. On board the van was a well known male who has been dealt with previously for theft of diesel in rural areas.

MF09 FCJ blue Ford Transit Van seen in the Grindleton area recently. The male driver was challenged, when he was discovered looking in rear of contractors van which contained various hand & power tools. The male gave the excuse he was dropping a 'gardening services' leaflet off.

If you see any of these vehicles please ring 101 with any information

Suspest Vehicle 09/09/2013

YJ05 UZR Blue Iveco Tipper
W413 NFT White Ford Transit Van
BD51 UNB White Iveco Van

These vehicles are believed to be used by a team who are targeting rural areas to steal Quad bikes, scrap metal items & diesel from plant machinery etc.

Please ring 101 if you see any of the vehicles in your area, or if you believe the occupants have committed a crime (stolen items) please ring 999 immediately.

Vehicle Alerts 03-06/09/2013

A White ford transit van ND55GFX has been seen in the Broughton area with three males on board in camouflage gear with dogs.
If the vehicle is seen please ring 101 as it may be used in poaching.

List of Vehicles sent out in August on Farm/Rural Watch

Green Subaru (no further details) used by poachers, seen recently in the Bolton By Bowland area.

ND55 GFX - White Ford Transit Van
AE53 GCU – Red Ford Fiesta Zetec  Above vehicles are being used by persons committing rural crime.

X191 FBN – White Vauxhall Astra Vehicle now in police possession
EO55 YDL – White Vauxhall Combo Van
S209 BUB – Silver Toyota Starlet
R685 TKP – Blue Jeep
Above vehicles being used by a number of persons heavily involved in theft of flag stones & top stones in rural areas.

VX05 LDL – White Vauxhall Astra Occupants of vehicle suspected of having links to theft of Land Rovers & Quad Bikes.

VN52 DML – White Vauxhall Astra Occupants of vehicle believed involved in stone thefts.

SD12 XBP – Black Vauxhall Corsa Occupant(s) believed involved in theft of tools and power tools from vehicles.

KP57 UPB – White Mercedes Sprinter Van
MA04 TZN – White Fiat Ducato Van
Above two vehicles seen recently, with well known rural offenders onboard.

If you see any of the above vehicles or any other vehicles in suspicious circumstances, please ring 101 with as much information as possible.

A White ford transit van ND55GFX has been seen in the Broughton area with three males on board in camouflage gear with dogs.
If the vehicle is seen please ring 101 as it may be used in poaching.

Quad Bike Stolen 30/08/2013

A red CAN-AM 400cc Quad Bike was stolen overnight of 24th August from a farm in rural area between Hellifield & Coniston Cold near to the A65 main road.
Please keep an eye out for anyone trying to sell this type of vehicle and please make sure that you have sufficient security around your own vehicles. If you would like any security advice please give me a ring at Broughton.

Dave Reid  01772 863390

Vehicle Alert 28/08/2013

Please keep an eye out for these vehicles

KP57 UPB White Mercedes Sprinter Van.

MA04 TZN White Fiat Ducato Van.

Both vans seen recently with well known rural offenders on board.

Please ring 101 if either van is seen in your area.

Stolen Cattle 23/08/2013

8 Black & white cattle stolen Kellet area 19-21 Aug.

Tagged in left ear. No:UK182427. Any info? Please call 101. Log ref LC-20130821-0391  

Vehicle to watch out for 22/08/2013

VX05 LDL White Vauxhall Astra. The users/occupants of the vehicle are linked to thefts of Land Rovers & Quads bikes. The vehicle has been seen recently parked & un-attended in rural area's near Skipton North Yorkshire.  The keeper is a known male from the Burnley area.

Please report all sightings of this vehicle on 101.

Vehicles being used in stone thefts 22/08/2013

X191 FBN White Vauxhall Astra

EO55 YDL White Vauxhall Combi Van

S209 BUB Silver Toyota Starlet

R685 TKP Blue Jeep

The users of the above vehicles are known to be involved in stone thefts in and around the Ribble Valley area. The most recent being around lunch time on Wednesday 21st  August in the Billington area, where a quantity of York stone was stolen by offenders using the White Corsa X191 FBN.  This vehicle was also seen in suspicious circumstances about an hour earlier in the Waddington area near to a property that has previously been targeted.

The users of the above vehicles tout for work as builders and roofers.  They are known to charge extortionate amounts for work allegedly done.

If any of the above vehicles are seen, or you see any other vehicles in suspicious circumstances, please ring 101.

If you have any information on these missing cattle please contact me direct at Broughton.

Dave Reid   01772 863390

12 Limousin, 8 British Blue, 3 Hereford, 1 Aberdeen Angus, 1 Cherolais cows, 1 Limousin bull and 3x cross breed calves stolen from moorland at Waddington between 03/08/13 and 05/08/13. Below are the tag numbers of each animal.
A             LIMOUSIN X 4YRS COW EAR TAG NO 101841        ANIMALS             -
A             LIMOUSIN COW 4RYS EAR TAG NO 601825           ANIMALS             -
A             LIMOUSIN COW 4YRS EAR TAG NO 501782           ANIMALS             -
A             LIMOUSIN COW 4 YRS EAR TAG NO 601832          ANIMALS             -
A             LINOUSIN X COW 4YRS EAR TAG NO 201814         ANIMALS             -
A             BRITISH BLUE X COW 2YRS OLD EAR TAG NO 102107         ANIMALS             -
A             BRITISH BLUE X COW 2YRS EAR TAG NO 702092  ANIMALS             -
A             CHEROLAIS X COW 2YRS EAR TAG NO 202122      ANIMALS             -
            LIMOUSIN X COW 2YRS EAR TAG NO 102114        ANIMALS             -
A             LIMOUSIN X COW 2YRS EAR TAG NO 102093        ANIMALS             -
A             LIMOUSIN X COW 3YRS EAR TAG NO 102065        ANIMALS             -
A             PEDAGREE LIMOUSIN COW 3YRS EAR TAG 301976            ANIMALS             -
A             HEREFORD X COW 3YRS EAR TAG NO 500803       ANIMALS             -
A             PEDAGREE LIMOUSIN BULL 5YRS EAR TAG NO 401718     ANIMALS             -
A             LIMOUSIN X COW 4YRS EAR TAG NO 700753        ANIMALS             -
A             ABERDEEN ANGUS X COW 4YRS EAR TAG NO 401307       ANIMALS             -
A             LIMOUSIN X COW 9YRS EAR TAG NO 600202        ANIMALS             -
A             LIMOUSIN X COW 8YRS EAR TAG NO 200047        ANIMALS             -
A             BRITISH BLUE X COW 10YRS EAR TAG NO 182553                ANIMALS             -
A             BRITISH BLUE X COW 6YRS ERA TAG NO 500111  ANIMALS             -
A             BRITISH BLUE X COW 6YRS EAR TAG NO 700955  ANIMALS             -
A             BRITISH BLUE X COW 6YRS EAR TAG NO 501078  ANIMALS             -
A             BRITISH BLUE X COW 5YRS EAR TAG NO 300161  ANIMALS             -
A             HEREFORD X COW 4YRS EAR TAG NO 103015       ANIMALS             -
A             HEREFORD X COW 4YRS EAR TAG NO 300493       ANIMALS             -
A             BRITISH BLUE X COW 1YR EAR TAG NO 301224    ANIMALS             -

Dogs and cash seized in animal cruelty raids 18/07/2013

TWO men are today being interviewed by Police and R.S.C.P.C.A following a series of early morning raids in Colne on Wednesday 17 July.
The men, aged 23 and 48, were arrested after police raided their houses and are now being questioned on suspicion of animal cruelty.
A number of items were seized during the raids including; three lurchers, two terriers and a cross breed lurcher/bull terrier dogs, computers, mobile phones, cash and drugs paraphernalia. The dogs have now been handed over to the RSPCA for examination by a vet.
The joint operation by the police and the RSPCA follows a 12 month investigation into animal cruelty and wildlife crime including badger digging, deer poaching, hare coursing and offences under the Dangerous Dogs Act, where police have received information about pets being targeted by dogs in the area.
A big thank goes out to all Rural Watch members that provided information regarding these two including vehicles they were using.  It cannot be stressed enough, the value of the information you provide through Farm/Rural Watch and other means. This could not have been done without you

Vehicle Sighting appeal 13/07/2013

L73 WMW Grey Daihatsu Fourtak 4x4.
Vehicle is used by poachers from the Burnley area and was recently stopped by police in the Grindleton area. There were two males on board the vehicle along with a couple of Lurcher type dogs.  There were also a couple of large lamps in the vehicle.  The males said they were looking for rabbits.  The males were sent on their way with words of advice.

Shed Breaks 11/07/2013

Overnight there have been several sheds broken into on Preston Road at Grimsargh. Timings we think are between 5pm last night  and 9am this morning.
One had the window smashed to gain entry, the second attempts were made to remove the roof and the third the door has been forced.
We are following up a possible lead but anybody else with any information please get in touch with us on 101.

Appeal 05/07/2013

We are appealing for information after a theft on Durton Lane at Broughton. Overnight Wednesday/Thursday this week a stone Bird bath and stone statue were stolen from a garden down the lane. The articles were quite heavy and therefore a vehicle would have been needed. Unfortunately there is nothing more to go on at this moment in time. Anybody with any information that could assist please contact us at Broughton

Horse Injured 02/07/2013

Five female horses in two seperate incidents, have recently been injured by a person using a sharp implement. The incidents have been in rural areas near Preston.

The horses which were grazing in fields, have all suffered small cuts to the top area of their hind legs. The implement used appears to be similar to a Stanleyknife type blade.

Please check your horses regularly, in particular around the leg areas. Also make regular checks to see if the horses tail or mane have been interfered with.

Vehicle Theft28/06/2013

Please be aware a car was stolen from Goosnargh overnight the vehicle is a Black Peugeot 307 KV07EYD any sightings please to Preston Communication room on 101. It was stolen without keys between 21:30hours last night and 07:00 hours this morning.

Shed Breaks 28/06/2013

Please be aware of two shed breaks that have taken place overnight between the 27th and 28th of June on The Hills estate in Grimsargh where two high value bikes have been stolen.

If anyone has seen anything suspicious in the area overnight please ring Broughton station on the number below.

Vehicle Alerts 28/06/20132

M575 MNE Red VW Golf Estate stopped by police patrol in the early hours in the Grindleton area, with three males on board.  There were also two dogs in the vehicle (one lurcher type and one staffy type).  The males said they were looking to go 'lamping' but admitted they did not have permission in the area. At the time of being stopped, the males had not committed any offence's and were sent on their way having been given appropriate words of advice.  

The males who are from the Burnley area, are known for poaching matters.

If you see the vehicle in your area, please ring 101, stating where the vehicle is.


PK13 PCV Blue Vauxhall Astra.

ML04 FHJ Blue Vauxhall Corsa.

Y585 SRA Red or Orange Renault Kangoo van.

The above vehicles are connected to a number of persons involved in committing rural crimes & poaching.  If you see any of the above vehicles, please ring 101 stating the time you saw the vehicle and location.

Live stock Alerts 27/06/2013

Just over the border into North Yorkshire. Six sheep & twelve lambs have been stolen from a field in the Tosside area between 5pm & 10.30pm on  Tuesday 25th June. The animals ear tag numbers are UK125222.
Please check your stock as regularly as possible and make sure all gates/fences are secure.

Could you please help our cousin locate a missing Holstein Friesian Heifer, ear tag Number UK181175400614. She is 1 year and 11 months old and disappeared from holding number 211600074 (post code PR3 6TN) Out Rawcliff area on 14th June

Alerts 19/06/2013

Here are a few farm crime alerts that have happened in Lancashire over the past week.

A Ford tractor 7610 mk2, has been stolen from a field near premises on Well Head Rd, Newchurch in Pendle. This has occurred sometime since Sat 15/06. If you saw anything suspicious or can help in any way please ring 101 and quote log no. LC 20130619-0263. update Stolen Blue Ford Tractor found Re the message on 19th June, reporting a Blue Ford Tractor 7610 MK2 having been stolen from a field in the Newchurch-in-Pendle area. The Tractor has been found in the Great Harwood area, after it was seen by a member of public being driven in convoy with another vehicle, described only as a Vauxhall Corsa. The Tractor is now back with the owner.

MA54 EBN White Citroen Berlingo van. The van has been seen over the last few days on separate occassions in the Simonstone area and Gisburn area. The occupants are known to go 'lamping' in the rural areas. One of the van occupants was recently arrested and dealt with for committing rural crime. Please ring 101 if you see this van

.EG53 HXH silver Peugeot 206 seen recently in the Bolton By Bowland area by a Farm Watch member just after midnight. Three males who had two lurcher type dogs with them were spoken to and were seen to get into the vehicle and drive off.

The vehicle is not known to police, but it may well be a new vehicle for poachers out visiting the rural areas. Please ring 101 if this vehicle is seen in your area.

Poachers vehicle 19/06/2013

SD58 RYH Silver Vauxhall Astra was seen parked on Back Lane between Slaidburn & Newton on evening of Monday 17th June. Two males with a dog were seen in a field some distance away and when they realised they had been spotted by a farmer, they made their way quickly to the vehicle. The vehicle was seen to travel in the direction of Newton. The occupants of the silver Astra are well known Poachers. Ring 101 if you see this vehicle.

Oil & red Diesel thefts


There have been two incidents over last few days of oil and red diesel being stolen from a storage container in the Tosside area and from machinery in Sawley area.

In the Tosside area, offenders have used syphoning equipment to steal an amount of oil from a storage container in the yard area of a rural property and in the Sawley area, offenders have made their way into fields of a farm on the outskirts of Sawley and stole a quantity of red diesel from the machines fuel tank.

Suspicious Circumstances


A burglary has taken place recently, where offenders have approached a steel storage container located at side of road on a quiet country lane along with other excavation equipment where road works are being carried out in the Gisburn area. The offenders have used some sort of cutting equipment to cut the padlock and bracket off the steel door, giving access to the container, where a yellow coloured Whacker Nueson Compactor has been stolen. The model number is 10/30/A and the serial number is 53266. The compactor is also marked with the first three letters of post code PR5.

Please ring Wildlife Officer on 074 3262 6276 if you see this vehicle acting suspiciously KL07 XME Ford White Van it is possibly involved in rural/wildlife crime

BU11 SRT Grey Toyota Hilux 4x4 . 12/06/2013

This vehicle has been seen in suspicious circumstances recently in isolated rural areas around the border of the Ribble Valley with North Yorkshire.

If you see this vehicle please ring 101, reporting its location or direction of travel.

Burglary at farm building 12/06/2013

A number of power tools have been stolen recently from a remote farm building in the Mitton area near Whalley. The offenders forced open the locked door to the building, which is located down a remote farm track. Due to the number of items stolen, a vehicle has been used. The items stolen are listed below;

Red Husquana petrol strimmer. Steel stone saw. Steel chain saw. Yellow Wacka Plate. Red Honda petrol generator. Orange block cutter. Proline chop saw. Makita chop saw. Green 110 volt planer. Green 110 volt sander. Grey & Black Proline rotator. Green Bosch drill. Yellow Wault 11 volt drill. Yellow electric breaker. Two Yellow transformers. Black & Grey 110 volt circular saws. Black & Grey 240 volt circular saw.

Please keep a regular check on isolated storage buildings and make sure padlocks are in place.


Over the last few days there have been four crimes in the rural areas of Preston that we would like to bring to your attention and appeal for any witnesses.

The first crime is the theft of a cast iron post box from Lightfoot lane, Higher Bartle. This has taken place overnight between the 28th and 29th of May.

The Second is theft of various metal items from a garden on Goosnargh lane, Goosnargh that has taken place overnight between the 30th a

The Third is another theft this time of a Raleigh, (Airlight, sf1.0) from an address on Longridge road in Grimsargh this has been reported to the police today but may have gone missing anytime in the past week.

And the last has taken place today 31st of May between 10:30am - 3pm at an address on Inglewhite road in Goosnargh where a home owner has returned home and found that the rear door patio has been smashed. At this moment in time I have no further information on this crime which could turn out to be a burglary however if more details become clear I will send a further email.


There have been two daytime burglaries on Whitingham lane this morning 30 th April inbetween the Italian Orchid and Broughton traffic lights.

If anyone has been in that area this morning and seen anyone acting suspiciously please ring Broughton Police station on 01772 863390 or Preston Police station on 101.


Please be aware of a Suzuki 4x4 in Grey Reg – C162CKL stolen from Whittingham lane in Goosnargh near to junction with Camforth hall lane the 4x4 has been stolen sometime between 12:30 and 16:30 today 11 th of April. If anyone has seen any suspicious activity in the area today please ring Broughton police station on 01772 863390 or if you have seen this car please ring 101 immediately.

This is the second theft of a motor vehicle in the last two days that has been committed during daylight hours like ourselves please pay extra attention over the next few days and report anything suspicious immediately.


Please be aware of a motorbike stolen from Sandygate lane in Broughton Reg – M112WOO the motorbike has been stolen sometime between 07:30 and 18:30 today 10 th of April. If anyone has seen any suspicious activity in the area today please ring Broughton police station on 01772 863390 or if you have seen this bike please ring 101 immediately.

Please be aware of a fuel theft that has taken place on The Orchid in Woodplumpton last night 9 th /10 th of April where the fuel line has been cut on a vehicle and the fuel drained from it.


Please be aware of a burglary that has taken place on Preston road in Grimsargh between 11:00pm on the 04/04/2013 and 06:30am on the 05/04/2013 where offenders have entered the property through an unlocked back door.

If anyone has seen anything suspicious on Preston road between these times please ring Broughton police station on the number below. Also please make sure that while you are in bed overnight that all your downstairs doors are locked.


Please be aware of two Irish registration vehicles that have been seen acting suspiciously in the Carron Lane area of Inglewhite this morning and this afternoon 25/03 the first is a white Ford transit van 11DL482 and the second is a silver Renult van 11D3280 . If you see these vehicles or any others acting suspiciously on yours or your neighbours property please ring 101 immediately.

Poaching Incident


Please be aware of a poaching incident that has taken place on the Cow Hill area of Haighton during the daytime on the 24/03. Two males wearing camouflage clothing have been seen in the area close to where a dear has been shot and killed. If you see anyone on your land who you do not know and do not have permission and are with dogs and torches please ring 101 immediately if you see anyone on your land carrying or using firearms please ring 999 and let the police come and see what they are doing DO NOT CHALLENGE THEM YOURSELF.

Suspicious Circumstances


Please be aware of a white flatback transit van YR04EHS that has been seen acting suspiciously in the Jepps Lane area of Barton at around 4pm on the 24/03. If you see this vehicle or any other acting suspiciously on yours or your neighbours property please ring 101 immediately.


Please be aware of a white flatback transit van P128RFM that has been seen acting suspiciously in the Whittingham hospital and Goosnargh area at 4pm on the 22/03. If you see this vehicle or any other acting suspiciously on yours or your neighbours property please ring 101 immediately.

Fuel Theft


Between 10:00 25/02/2013 and 11:00 18/03/2013 there has been a theft of 100 litres of diesel at Waddecar scout camp which is situated near beacon fell this is the second diesel theft that has been reported this week so please use security measures and if possible park your vehicles in a well lit or secure area.

As the local Neighbourhood policing team we have noticed a rise in crime connected to farms over the past couple of weeks and a local operation is being put together for next week you may also notice a rise in police vehicles in the area late at night this is to hopefully catch the people involved in these crimes, as a whole crime is still very low in the area but if you do see anyone acting suspiciously on yours or your neighbours property late at night please ring 101 or 999 immediately .

Fuel Theft


The first crime is a theft of house heating oil which has taken place on Langley Lane sometime over the last few months. The owner has been away on holiday and returned to find there fuel stolen


Please be aware of a vehicle acting suspiciously on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. The vehicle is a light blue or possibly dirty white transit type van with ‘insulation' written on the side of it. The vehicle was seen in the Goosnargh and Broughton areas. If anyone spots this vehicle again please could a registration number be taken.

14th March 2013

Please be aware of a diesel theft that has taken place at Ambrose Hall Farm, Woodplumpton Road, Woodplumpton. Where between 17:00hrs on the 12 th of March and 09:00hrs on the 13 th of March someone has approached the farm and stolen around 500 litres of diesel from three different lorries parked on site.

If you do own any vehicles that carry a large amount of fuel overnight please could I ask that you be extra vigilant and also if you have seen anyone suspicious on your farms during the day or overnight on the 12 th of March to please give me a ring at Broughton on the number below.


Consumer Alerts Issued by Trading Standards February 2013


During the last few days I have received emails and police logs regarding vehicles with an Irish male on board selling power tools e.g chainsaws from it.

I have spoken to the male and seen the power tools that he is selling and these items do have legitimate paper work for them.

If these males do appear at your property and are causing a nuisance please contact us on 101 with a description of the male and the registration number of the vehicle.


There have been three crimes in the rural areas that have taken place over the weekend.

The first crime has taken place between the 26 th of January and the 2 nd of February where a shed has been broken into in the Nook Glade area of Grimsargh and a number of garden equipment and golf clubs have been stolen.

The Second has taken place on the 1 st of February on Jepps Lane in Barton where items have been stolen off a driveway.

And the Third has taken place on the 4th of February on the A6 at Barton where a chimney pot has been stolen from someone's garden.


Please be aware of an attempt burglary that has taken place overnight Wednesday 23th / Thursday 24th of January. This has happened on Parkgate in Goosnargh where someone has tried to break into the house and upon being unsuccessful has broken into the shed.

Warning from The Watch Liaison Officer Preston Police 07/12/12

I'm receiving information of a telephone scam doing the rounds again. The caller is purporting to be from Microsoft and saying that there is a problem and that your personal computer has a virus. The caller is very confident and persuasive and eventually asks for a credit card/debit card details as payment to correct the alleged fault

This is an obvious scam but people are being duped as the caller is very convincing.


Over the night Sunday the 2 nd to Monday the 3 rd of December there have been a number of insecure cars in Broughton in the Woodplumpton Lane area of the village which have been targeted by thieves. If anyone has seen anyone acting suspicious please could they give me a ring on the number below.

Also may I take this opportunity to please ask that you take time at night to make sure your car is locked and your house made secure to help protect yourselves from crimes like this.

Telephone Calls

A new scam which has started this month involves a telephone call, allegedly from BT, informing the consumer that he was being disconnected because of an unpaid bill. The caller demanded a payment immediately by credit card of £31.00 or it would be £ 118.00 to re-connect at a later date. The caller gave his name as 'John Peacock' and a phone number of 0800 0800 152. The caller then offered to demonstrate he was from BT by disconnecting the phone; he told the consumer to hang up and then try to ring someone. The consumer tried this and found the phone was dead - no engaged tone, nothing - until the man phoned me again. Fortunately the consumer said he was still not convinced and the man hung up.
The fact that the phone does go off does make this scam convincing. How is it done? After you have hung up the caller stays on the line with the mute button on and you can't dial out - but he can hear you trying. (This is because the person who initiates a call is the one to erminate it). When you stop trying he hangs up and immediately calls back.
Trading Standards Advice is to never give your credit or debit card details to anyone unless you are sure of their identity.

Letter Scams

An elderly man received a letter from Tan Kong Khoon in Singapore claiming a long lost relative had died leaving him money. The letter said the consumer had to keep this secret otherwise the government was likely to take the money from him. The letter asked for personal information.
Trading Standards advice is never respond to such letters.

Computer Scams

A consumer was on her computer when a pop up came up claiming to be from the police e-crime unit. It said that actions on the internet had been recorded and her computer was to be locked due to unauthorised cyber activity. It asked for £100 in Ukash vouchers to unlock the
Ukash vouchers should always be treated as cash and consumers should remember to be just as wary about who they give them too. For further advice about Ukash vouchers visit

There have also been several reports of consumers getting calls from traders (sometimes allegedly on behalf of Microsoft) saying they have a virus or problem with their computer. The trader then asks the consumer to go on their computer and perform a simple task designed to give them access to the computer.
Trading Standards Advice is never deal with traders who col
d call by telephone.

To report scams or doorstep crime incidents contact the Trading Standards Service via the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 08454 04 05 06

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