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Police Officers
Contact No: 01772 209516

PC 3170 Berni Clark

      7188 Sally Devine       

Next Meeting

Christ Church Hall, Victoria Road, Fulwood, Preston. PR2 8NE
Date: 06/09/2016
Time: 19:30 PM

Broughton Bypass July Update

Broughton Bypass April Update

Area Actions for July

a. Highgate Park  

b. Speeding

c. Property Security


a. Highgate Park Little further to report.  The issue of double yellow lines has been approved and is being organised

b. Speeding  It had been suggested that Roy Middleton was the coordination point for Community Speedwatch Groups.  The secretary had emailed him but to date there had been no response...

c. Property Security  Nothing to report

Area Actions and Updates for May

Highgate Park   Little further to report.  The issue of double yellow lines is still being assessed

Speeding    The Chair & PC Clark discussed the plan to purchase a speed gun, and discussed the roles of Community Speed Watch groups.  These are centrally organised over a Police “county” geography, PC Clark subsequently advising that the coordinator for Lancs Police geography is a Roy Middleton, who is based at Leyland Police station.  The intention to set up a system seems little different to these groups, and we may, in terms of public liability, be forced that way anyway.  Secretary to investigate.

Property/Security     Nothing to report.


1 Highgate Park business.  The saga continues !  County Councillor De Molfetta updated that ;-

- The Ombudsman has found no irregularities with the City Council’s
handling of the affair

  - The City Council CEO has confirmed that there is no need for business rates

to be paid in this case
- Double yellow lines are being explored
- Meanwhile DVLA, despite constant reporting, are seemingly taking no action on tax or MoT certification.
- The local MP is still progressing despite being invoved since before Christmas

.2 Speeding issues.  PCSO Sally reported that the community road watch team will be in the area on 2 occasions during April.

3 Property security. Ongoing,


1 Highgate Park business.  The Ombudsman has still not concluded investigations.  The painting of yellow lines in sslected places is still being explored.  Despite reporting multiple instances to DVLA, there is still no sign of them taking any action.  

2 Speeding issues.  Pat Whalley & the Secretary reported on progress in acquiring a speed gun and the process.  Essentially;-
- Speed guns can be purchased fairly cheaply, and do not need a
special licence
- We have come across other groups across the UK that have done this, forming “community speed awareness” groups who use the speed gun to gather data of
frequency of speeding.  The guns are not calibrated (so readings are indicative)
and the groups have no authority, but are trying to raise awareness.
- The objective should therefore be to educate rather than be punitive
The intention is to contact groups that have been set up, and derive best process, then
make a proposal to the Police.  It was also proposed that we contact surrounding PACTs
or vilage councils, to see if they would like to join the initiative, on the understanding that
we get a group of volunteers who will be prepared to help take data. In the meantime, we
need volunteers, excepting the committee, there was 1 volunteer from the meeting.  

3 Property/Security.  No update


Highgate Park business

Speeding issues



Highgate Park issues & escalation  The Ombudsman’s office has still not confirmed their findings.  It was confirmed that the Ombudsman can/will only investigate City Council matters !  It was mentioned that the business was advertising in a local newspaper (believed to be Preston Local News).

Speeding generally   No further update

Ongoing mosque planning appliction.  There was nothing to report

Building security Nothing to report

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