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Crime Prevention Advice - Holidays

Crime Prevention
Crime Prevention Advice - Holidays

As the holiday season approaches we mustn’t become distracted from things that matter most to us.

A holiday can be ruined by returning home to find your house has been burgled.

More important than finding the perfect swimming shorts or bikini is ensuring you have given some thought to your home security.

Here’s something to consider:

Many of us announce on social media to friends and family that we are going away on holiday – where we are going, the date we leave and the date we return.
Not only is this dangerous but insurance companies are now rejecting claims where they can evidence that the claimant disclosed details of their absence from home on social media (from a recent article in a popular woman’s magazine).

Remember too, that sending your holiday photographs to friends and family using social media while you are still away, could jeopardise any subsequent claim for loss as a result of burglary.

‘Policy-holders are expected to take reasonable care to protect their property’
If you are going away there are things you can do to minimise the risk to your home whilst you are away.

Arrange for some of the below to be done.

Ask a friend or trusted neighbour to:

Pop in each day and draw the curtains
Switch the lights on and off – You can purchase segment timers for just a few pounds that allow you to programme lights so they come on and go off at certain times. For about the same money you can purchase ‘fake TVs’, a small light box that mimics the light emitted from a real TV. These can be controlled from a segment timer.
Cut the grass
Water some plants
Move the car a bit
Take in mail and other junk mail/freebie newspapers
Do other things that make your home look occupied
Leave one of their cars on your driveway
If you have an alarm or key-holding company make sure they have up-to-date key holder details.
Consider using the Royal Mail’s ‘Keep-safe’ service. For a small fee they will hold back your mail for up to two months.

If you are going away, we wish you bon voyage and a safe journey home.

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