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Crimestoppers is a way of talking to the Police informally and without telling them who you are. Every day hundreds of ordinary citizens use the scheme to help the Police solve many crimes - not just the most serious. It is highly successful and proves that it is possible to do something to make society safer after all.

How does it work?

Phone any time at all on 0800 555 111. Your call is free from anywhere in the country and the officer you speak to will be understanding and helpful.

Crime prevention: anonymous free number
You will not be asked your name, address, or phone number.

We will NOT contact you - if you want to ring us back, we'll give you a code number.

The Crimestoppers line sent out 3,840 actions to a number of law enforcement agencies including the Police, HM Customs, Trading Standards and The Benefits Agency amongst others. As a result of these there were 210 arrests and stolen property valued at £196,000 was recovered in addition £142,000 worth of drugs were seized. nationally since 1998 when the scheme started over 50,000 criminals have been arrested and charged as a result of calls to CRIMESTOPPERS.

National Crimestoppers Website:

Crimestoppers’ new website went live on Tuesday 2 July 2013

Why not take a look at the new site, fully optimised for all mobile devices? It also boasts a refreshed and more modern appearance; a streamlined Anonymous Online Form, making it easier for those giving information; and a revised structure which makes it easier and more accessible to navigate the site, give information and support Crimestoppers by fundraising, partnering with them and volunteering.

With the previous Crimestoppers website attracting around 150,000 unique visitors every month, the website is their main resource for communication with the public.

You can also follow Crimestoppers on Twitter…

If you have any information on anyone who is committing crime you can make a difference, ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 your call may be the one that solves one of the many crimes that occur in our community.

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