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Larches & Savick

Larches & savick

Police Officers
Contact No: 01772 209441

           PC F Garcia


Next Meeting

Oaktree Court, Preesall Road, Larches, Preston. PR2 1PQ

Date: 03/10/2017
Time: 18:30 PM

Larches and Savick PACT has now moved to the first Tuesday of every month at 1830hrs and is now being held at Oaktree Court on Preesall Road.

Area Actions For August

1) Weeds across the whole area.

2) Dangerous buildings on Starrgate Drive.

Area Actions updates For July

1) Fly tipping: The back of the shops on Elswick road has now been cleared.

2) Dangerous buildings on Starrgate Drive: Residents raised concerns that the fencing around the old Link building on Starrgate Drive is not keeping the kids out. Teenagers are in the old housing office and are quite noisy. Police have been to the building several times but still ongoing. Cllr Yates said the shops are definitely being demolished but things are 2 months behind schedule. Roger said he would send an email to the police about the issues raised. He will copy the Chief Inspector into the email too.

Street Lighting   Gillian answered this and also said she was happy to walk around the estate with some residents to check the effectiveness of the street lighting once the nights get darker earlier

Speed Bumps Gillian reported that LCC agreed with that there was a problem and were looking into it. She would report the finding when they were available

Fly tipping Still going on


1) Bollard on Starrgate Drive: There are no reports of ASB either to the police or to gateway.

2) Street Lighting: Update next month after elections.
3) Speed Bumps: Update next month after elections.


1)Fly tipping near the co-op.  this has now been moved.

2) Speed bumps.  Some minor repairs need to be done to some of the speed bumps. They then need to be assessed to see if they are working. Residents said cars are either driving over them or in between them so not making any difference

3) Street lighting. Cllr. Burrow not had a reply yet about extra lighting on Larches Lane.


1) Fly tipping.   Clear by savick shops but extremely bad at the back of the co-op on Larches. P.C.C own the land and Cllr Crowe will chase this up to be cleaned.

2) Bollard on Starrgate Drive   No update on this. New housing officer in place now called Guy and he has been to have a look at this area. Update next month.


1) Fly tipping on both estates: Lots of fly tipping at the back of the co-op and on Elswick Road. Helen from CGA said she would check who owned the land to get this cleared.

2) Bollard request on Starrgate Drive: Helen said she would chase this up and update next month.

January 2017

1) Fly tipping: No update other than the rubbish by Savick Café has been removed by gateway. Further fly tipping was reported at the back of the co-op in the guinnell.

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