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The Crime Prevention Website’s Home Security Survey

As part of the service offered by The Crime Prevention Website (To which Lancashire Constabulary are linked) you can conduct your own free home security assessment online.

On completing your chosen Home Security questionnaire (from eight different dwelling types) you'll be sent a tailor-made risk assessment report showing you how to secure your home. Your report will include an overall risk assessment score and links to other parts of the site for more detailed information.

The questionnaire has been developed to replicate the visit that used to be conducted by the Crime Prevention Officer using data from the Crime Survey for England and Wales and the author's experience of conducting literally hundreds of home security surveys.

The risk assessment report has its limits, because we're not actually visiting your home and neither are we claiming it has scientific rigidity. However, it is considerably better than a simple checklist and it will give you some good ideas about where your particular home security risks lie. You may find some of the questions a little odd, but believe us when we say that many factors affect your risk of becoming a victim of crime and not all of them are connected with the bricks and mortar of your home. (See Burglary Risks)

You’re not asked for your name or address and so we don't know where you live! However, we do ask what county you live in for statistical purposes. The only exception to this rule is when we are running a competition, such as a draw, when you are invited to supply your name and to use your email address to contact you if you win. Of course, you don't have to enter the competition, so you can still remain anonymous.

You will be able to view the report online, but if you would like to download it onto your own computer you will need to input your email address. Don’t worry; your email address is only used once for that specific purpose so you will remain completely anonymous. (See our Privacy Policy)

Do please tell your neighbours and friends about the survey, because it will be interesting to compare and discuss your results, and most importantly the more people who complete this survey the better we can make it.

The anonymous data we gather from the completed surveys is used to inform our advice pages and newsletter. From time to time I publish certain findings from the survey onto my news page and when requested I also send them to the sixteen police forces that link to the site.

I hope you find the exercise useful. It will take you about 15 minutes to complete the survey and once you’ve made all the improvements can I suggest you do it again to see how your score has improved! A well-secured home will score 70 and above!

Calvin Beckford (Retired Metropolitan Policeman)

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